• Buying individual health insurance: made easy!

    Buying individual health insurance: made easy!

    Get Geek Help. Insurance Geek takes the guesswork out of shopping for health insurance. Searching for an Individual, Family, or Self-Employed medical plan? We can help!

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Tailored for You

Receive a personalized report tailored specifically to YOU.

Plain English

Confusing, industry jargon? Not here. Get recommendations in plain English.

This or That

Detailed side-by-side comparison of plans

Let’s Get Visual

Graphs make it easy to understand!

Gotcha-Free Zone

Expose plan and carrier contractual “gotchas”

What’s Up Doc

Know if your doctor will stay in network

Let Us Do the Hard Work!

Unless you're a Geek (nothin' wrong with that!), shopping for personal health insurance is like writing a term paper-- frustrating, laborious, and possibly unfulfilling. So let us do it for you. We like this stuff. And you don't. Seems kind of like a win-win to us.

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